What are home loans?

In India, Roti, Kapda aur Makan are the three basic needs of life. Things are becoming costlier in India as days pass and to think of having your own house in a posh locality of your choice is like expecting snowfall in Rajasthan in the month of May. Taking a loan in India is usually considered as an unnecessary burden. In India, Bollywood movies have created a negative perception about borrowing money. Owning your house is a dream of every individual. However, as the prices of real estate are rising our incomes are not rising at the same pace. This gap between our income and desire to buy a house is filled by home loans. Home Loan is a sum of money borrowed from banks, housing finance companies and Non-banking financial institutions to purchase or construct a house. With a home loan you can:

  • Buy an already constructed property
  • Renovate or expand the existing property
  • Buy a plot of land.
  • Home loan is a secured loan. The house is a collateral till the loan is paid

Why avail home loan?

Low interest rates:
Banks are competing to offer you reasonable and attractive interest rates for your home loan.
Loan amount:
Depending on your eligibility, income and repayment capacity you can avail home loans from anywhere between 2 Lakhs to 20 Crores.
Loan tenure:
The maximum loan tenure is 30 years.
Tax benefits:
You get tax benefits on your interest payment (Maximum Rs 2 Lakh) under section 24 and principal amount (Maximum Rs 1.5 Lakhs) under section 80C.
Capital appreciation:
One of the major reasons to invest in property is the rise in prices over a period. Rents payments also increase and manage to keep up with inflation, which acts vital as a secondary source of income.