When is the best time to invest?

The best time to invest? Well, it is today. If you have already delayed your investments, you should get started right away. Starting early is the key to successful investing.

Many investors who have just begun investing in mutual funds and stock markets feel quite nervous and uncertain in investing in these unfamiliar instruments. In your investing journey you are going to make mistakes and to be a successful investor you need to learn from them and unless and until you get started there wont be any learnings.

Follow basic rules while investing. Identify your goals and the time horizon within which you want to achieve the goals. Keep realistic expectations and don’t listen to advice from the wrong people. Avoid stocks and equity mutual funds for short terms goals. As markets are volatile invest in them for your long term goals through SIP. If you want to invest for your short-term goals, then park your money in liquid funds.

Most importantly don’t forget to review your investments on a regular basis. You should check how your investments have performed every 6 months. If you realize that you have made a bad investment, quickly sell it, even if it is at a loss. Keep reading and updating your knowledge and as you grow in confidence increase your investment amount. Don’t just directly start investing in the stock markets unless and until you are doing the required research. Start with mutual funds. Don’t sell your long-term investments just because you see a loss in the short-term, have patience and let your investments grow.