5 Must Know Websites for Indian Stock Market Investors

5 must know websites for Indian stock market investors

There are tons and tons of information when it comes to stock market on the internet, but as a beginner or an active investor which investing websites should you use?

Luckily, for Indian stock investors there are a few sites mentioned below which will help you to keep yourself updated about all the happenings in the stock market. 

Following are the 5 websites for every Indian investor:


Moneycontrol is the most used website by Indian investors. Almost every investor in India would be using the Moneycontrol app on their phone. It will give you all the information about the markets, whether it is the latest news, charts, live stock prices, mutual funds, commodities, currencies etc

You can read companies’ balance sheet, cash flow statement etc and read technical charts. You can make your own virtual portfolio and track shares by creating your own MarketWatch. 

They also provide a forum where investors have discussions about the latest happenings in stock market or any stocks. (Please make sure you don’t get influenced by any of the discussions there)


Screener is a website for reading the financial statements and financial reports of the company. Most experienced investors use this website. 

You can find a lot of information of the company you want to analyse on this website. You can find the general information like balance sheet, profit and loss statement, cash flow statement, financial ratios, peer comparison, annual and quarterly results. In addition to it, you can also download the data from this website in excel form. Besides, you can add stocks to your watch list to get notifications in your mail if there is any corporate action in the stocks.

Screener simplifies all the financial information and presents it in a very simple way to understand.


Best website to stay updated about market news. Similar to money control, the ET market also have their app from where you can learn about the stock markets and get daily updates directly on your mobile phone.


Trendlyne is a stock market website which helps you in analysing stocks. It is an analytic based stock market platform for retail investors. Trendlyne also has a section to update you on news in any sector. There are various parameters by which you can analyse stocks on trendlyne.


Markets Mojo uses an algorithm to analyze stocks. Market Mojo will simply tell you if the stock is attractive, expensive or risky based on various parameters. Markets Mojo has its three dot parameters – quality, valuation and financial trend.

Market Mojo also has a ‘portfolio analyzer’ tool which tells if your portfolio is too concentrated towards one sector or compromises of high beta stocks. 


There is another website called INVESTOPEDIA, where investors can learn about various financial market jargons.

How can Beginners choose a stock broker?

How can beginners choose a stock broker?

Choosing a stockbroker is the first step to start your journey in stock markets. Without a stockbroker, there is no way you can invest/trade in the stock market Since the stock exchange alone cannot provide services to millions of investors at the same time, stock brokers eases trading for clients.

The stockbroker act as a bridge between client and stock market. Their job is to help the investor to buy and sell, shares for which they earn commission.

There are basically two kinds of brokers:

  • Full-service broker:

Full-service brokers provide you with research, trading and advisory facility. They charge a fix percentage on every trade that is executed.

They have their own research team who analyse and research on stocks on a daily basis. The brokerage fee is comparatively high compared to other brokers and therefore you should be careful before choosing your broker.

If you are new to investing in stock markets and need advisory services, you should opt for a full-service broker.


  • Discount broker: 

Discount brokers only provide you with trading facilities. They do not provide you with any advisory services and charge a flat fee per transaction. If you are someone who is experienced or can make your own investment decisions in stock markets, you can opt for a discount broker.


Here are a few things you need to look into before opening an account with a broker:

1. Check broker charges: Before choosing any broker, check and compare charges of various brokers, see how much these brokers charge for both buying and selling a stock. You need to decide if you want to choose a full-service broker or discount broker, as the charges and services vary. 

2. Customer service: When you opt for any broking firm look ensure that these services are available: 
  • Trading terminal is easy to use and demo videos of using them are on YouTube
  • Customer friendly app
  • Provide information about stocks on regular basis. (If you are a beginner)
  • Easy transfer of funds from your bank account to trading account
Beginners should choose a full-service broker as they can guide you and provide proper customer service and listen to all your queries. You can try calling the customer help line number for any help. Many investors choose discount broker to save brokerage. On the other hand, there are several people who select full-service broker to save their time and energy while doing research. Overall, it totally depends on your time, knowledge and preference of choosing a broker.

3. Reviews from other customers:    Check the background of the broker and read reviews and complaints online from other customers. Read the reviews of the mobile platform and check the mobile ratings on the app store.

4. Choose a broker who has many branches:     Discount brokers have very few branches as compared to full-service brokers. If you opt for a discount broker find a branch in your locality where you can easily go and meet the customer care to clear your doubts.

5. Look for extras/add-ons   Some brokers also offer some extras like no annual maintenance charges for first year or free education tools are offered to you. Make sure to take advantage of such add on’s